Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Minimalist Modern House Interior Design

After looking at various models of Modern Minimalist Home Design with Modern Design of a minimalist, you may ask. What about interior design and concept will be developed and built?, And various other questions.

This is the most common questions asked by people who rarely come into contact with the house Architectural Design Services. The target was initially just a minimalist, the expected course is to build appropriate housing and comfortable with a cost that is not burdensome.

So, the question to use Architectural Drawing Services when I want to make a minimalist home design certainly reasonable.

Previously, let us first distinguish between the design of the home construction and interior design. Design Construction is building design that looks outside while the interior design is the design in the building.

Home design using square footage. So usually the price of Architecture design is based on the percentage of the budget plan for the cost of building area (in m2).

Design minimalist house (or building in general) use the services of an architect can be categorized into the following categories:

Minimal: if you want to create the Architectural Drawing of floor plans, images appear and pieces and site observations / survey.

Medium: if you want to be made plus pictures bestek Architectural Drawing, aksonometri exterior (3D) in space and perspective (3D).

Full: if the picture above is equipped with a drawing of piping system, sanitary system, electrical installation, cost estimates, construction schedule and monitoring plan development (Building Construction).

Creating a minimalist home design (Architectural Design) aims to maximize all the functions on a minimalist home. Because it takes planning for what has been made not to be in vain, or make the house uncomfortable to be occupied. So when asked on an architect does not have to worry about the high cost because the cost of it is something that can be negotiated in the range of your budget.

The most important observed for the interior design is modern minimalist house Building Design lay-out for the interior space: whether it is appropriate to the climate of Indonesia or not. "Pretty-pretty facade of the house, if the layout does not match the needs, not be forced,"

The ideal Building Design House space-space should be functional, the relationship between well-coordinated space, air can flow smoothly into the Building Houses, as well as the morning sun. Thus, the existence of important openings and air vents in a minimalist home.

Minimalist house eliminates a lot of saturation on the use of decorative ornaments, knick-knacks accessories. Character and quality of spaces created is determined by the existence of space itself, not by the furniture and knick-knacks accessories in it. Space to be felt relieved as the primary needs of residents, to optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air and abundant sunshine lighting.

Typical homes have minimal natural lighting sources from windows, doors, transparent walls, shade trees, plants and pavement composition, the right will bring the shadow of the objects of sunlight reflected off the wall as a natural aesthetic separate element. While the game is very artistic lighting lamps, both spotlights, light plant, to the chandelier with geometric forms, will turn on the atmosphere of the evening in a minimalist home

Here are some samples We Model Home Interior Design Modern Minimalist Conception:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Schönberg Residence designed by Dialect Design Architects Charlotte, NC, USA

Slowing down traffic with curiously hovering red boxes tickling the traditional sensibilities of an urban tree-lined neighborhood, Charlotte’s latest architectural triumph of contemporary design is breaking all conventions.

Via a modern climbing library that immediately evokes adventure, stylish comfort, and the intimacy of reading, Dialect Design, a design + build firm, has created an ingenious and refreshingly unexpected space. The Schönberg residence second story addition bears the mark of all things classically Dialect – a sophisticated use of color that effortlessly runs from the coolly subdued to the richly dramatic; an expert and unconventional approach to materials and construction; and an eye for detail so subtle the soul of the design is upon you before you know it.

Upon entering the library, “finesse” and “order” make a great first impression. The “boxes within boxes” construction of recessed shelves reveals shadow lines that seemingly float the shelves inside the library walls. This simultaneous directional and uncluttered use of reveals is beautifully intended. Throughout the space, as steel, concrete, glass, aluminum, acrylic, fabric, and wood engage, their reveals provide a sense of separation, definition, movement, and harmony that yearns to be lived in. From the walls to the floors, doors, and windows, the entire renovation is a study in clean functionality, flush meetings, and visual ease. Additionally, the ordered elegance of the library’s interior shelves is echoed to dramatic effect with the protruding iconic red boxes that stop traffic and define the space’s exterior.

Pinwheeling around the library are three exceptionally appointed bedrooms and the swankiest shared bath three siblings could wish for. The inhabitants are Caroline and Matthias Schönberg’s 4, 7, and 11 year-old daughters. With its translucent acrylic counter, deeply red stained cabinetry, ubiquitously running glass and ceramic tile, and the perfect touches of whimsy, the bath is a fete of serious design and young lady appropriateness. Whether the light rich second floor is filled with the blush of day or night sky it is clear these young ladies provide a vibrancy and energy even the space’s solar paneled roof can’t match. Dialect has deftly created a sophisticated space that encourages the electrifying resonance of children while inspiring adults to inhabit it as well. According to Caroline Schönberg, it’s no wonder that upon climbing the library’s heights everyone is compelled to tell their best tree house stories.

Visionary, thoughtful, and collaborative, the Schönberg project is an example of successful innovation. Dialect’s inclusiveness with the Schönbergs created an environment where the renovation inspired trust and invigorated daily life without disrupting it. In service of achieving something unique and fresh, every tradesperson and sub-contractor rose to the challenge of rethinking the conventions of their expertise.

The sheer presence of the climbing library has enriched residential life for the Schönbergs. The family’s emotional center has shifted to the environs of the library while the treasures of their international lives have an ideal place to reside. As the addition’s influence finds its way into other parts of the home, an open steel screen marries the kitchen to the library’s ascent; a glassy red veined concrete floor sets a new standard for a sleekly finished garage; the outdoor interplay of Dialect’s iconic red boxes, rich grey surfaces, directional reveals, flat roof and visually seamless aluminum gutter harmonizes beautifully with the rest of the house and the outdoors.

The outdoors is used to great effect as perforated aluminum sunshades overlook the outside back terrace. The sunshades expertly bring the outside in by casting playful shadow patterns on the bamboo floors of an enviably lush and voluminous interior hallway. The front of the house welcomes visitors with a bold and refreshing design perspective. Completely flush in its niche and confidently asymmetrical, a black anodized steel door sporting the luster of glass detailing and a perfectly juicy red accent is a stunning example of Dialect’s proven ingenuity with doors.

Source : archdaily

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashionable Lamps by Micron - Grace lamp

Fresh from the showroom of Italian lighting company Micron, these fashionable lamps have just enough sparkle and just enough sophistication to dress up your home in style. The Grace lamp boasts a black or white shade with a luxurious golden interior and lustrous crystals hanging down by barely-there threads. You can add simple elegance to every room in your home with a pair of Grace lamps on your bedside tables, a floor lamp in your living room, a pendant in the dining room, and wall lamps in your bath, dressing room or foyer.

Source : trendir

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Underground House with Natural Background and the Pool Yard

Sagaponac House – a 4,500-sq.-ft. two-volume home nestled in an eastern Long Island community, designed by architect Richard Meier of New York-based architecture firm TsAO & McKOWN. Above the land line this house is a modern, minimalist cube; beneath it this elaborate swimming pool house is built right into the landscape. The upper white cube is a light-filled space balanced atop the lower volume, which is connected to the pool area. It consists only of simple lines and shapes but firmly rooting itself to the landscape and creating privacy by shaping the terrain. The private areas with amazing outdoor swimming pool are located the way nobody could see them from the street.

Source : TsAO & McKOWN via DigsDigs

Monday, August 16, 2010

Multifunctional center House by Cita Dutch Architect

This center houses five organizations, each wanted to retain something of their individuality. The building brings the uniqueness of the five organizations expressed: Four individually identifiable pavilions, each in their own color and material, are held together by a large binding roof, that sometimes canopy, sometimes porch, sometimes lean, sometimes just pergola is. The four pavilions focus all their own outdoor and sunny side: The kindergartens, mostly in the morning open, lying on the east side. The nursery, which is present all day, located on the south side to an intimate playground and outside school hours that pass in the afternoon, we in the west, aimed at the sun. Finally the creative center, located on the north side, the Northern Lights required for present workshops here.

The location in the park was a source of inspiration for the design and ambience of the building. For instance, the paths, who formerly ran, now through the building along the various pavilions, to then continue their way into the park.

Source : cita.nl

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House in the open land with the glass wall by DWYERDESIGN

This 2,500 sq ft retreat located just south of Carmel in a canyon off route 1 required many consultants to get planning approval. The land had no services so a well, septic system and electricity had to be provided to the site. The client requested that the structure be exposed and expressed in the architecture. We created an open plan with glass walls dividing the spaces on the upper floor. This allows the roof to be seen continuously from both the interior and the exterior. The floor plan was created with a double height central living space flanked by a bedroom on either side and a utility bar containing the kitchen , two bathrooms and storage. The roof of the utility bar is a deck that faces into 200 redwoods, also known as "the cathedral". The open living space has a large glass box that opens to a deck, the canyon creek., and a warm fire nook. The solid volume of the stair is the interior wall to the living space and the wall to the exterior deck. this emphasizes the indoor outdoor connection. Upstairs is another bedroom and a bridge that connects to a library with the bookcases acting as the guardrails. The exterior

materials need no maintenance. The copper standing seem siding, glass, steel and plaster are non flammable materials. The 15' high fence at the front of the house acts as a facade skin, guard rail, and screen to the master bedroom suite outdoor space. The simple plan and use of materials create spaces that come alive and transform in response to the changing exterior light.

Source : dwyer-design

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sweden House With Passive Heating – Villa Nyberg by Kjellgren Kaminsky

Project name: Villa Nyberg
Client: Emrahus & the Nyberg family
Object: prefabricated passive house villa
Size: 156sqm.
Stage: built
Team: Joakim Kaminsky, Fredrik Kjellgren, Oscar Arnklitt, Daniel Andersson, Corina Bermúdez

Kjellgren Kaminsky has produced Swedens first series of passive houses sold as type houses in collaboration with Emrahus, our goal is to make this environmentally friendly building technique available for all. Villa Nyberg is the first one to get built. The villa has been customized for the Nyberg family and is situated in Borlänge, central Sweden.

Passive houses are extremely well-insulated buildings that are largely heated by the energy already present in the building - people and our household equipment generate a lot of energy. Our energy simulations show that this villa will have an energy consumption for heating of only 25 kWh/m²year.

To reduce heatloss airtightness is n important feature of a passivehouse. When we tested the airtightness of Villa Nyberg in a blowdoortest we got apleasent suprise, a new Swedish record! The result was 0,038 l/sm² at 50 Pa. The Swedish passive house standard is 0,3 and the previous record was 0,07.

The villa is situated by a lake in a fur forest in central Sweden. The living room and kitchen open up towards the views of the lake, the more private areas such as the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated on the other side of the house with smaller windows overlooking the forest. The round shape of the villa eliminates coldbridges and reduces the enclosing wallarea of the house. It also effects the way you live in the house, during the day one will move from room to room around the building experiencing different views and daylight conditions.

The autumn is closing in, but its still warm in the sun. Its Sunday morning and I’m reading the newspaper in the kitchen. From here I can see almost the whole house. The kitchen and the living room form one big open room. From there two corridors running along the atrium connects it with the bedrooms. If I look into the atrium I can see the doors to the bedrooms on the other side, there our kids are still fast asleep, they stayed up a bit too long yesterday watching movies.

Source : kjellgrenkaminsky.se

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