Monday, February 15, 2010


Front Facade of historic 1895 house

Restored Main Stair Hall with William Morris wallpaper

Dining Room with decorative painted floor and gold tea paper on walls

Kitchen with Pyrolave countertops and custom cabinets & copper hood

FS designed mosaic tile details for the Master Bath

Spa Bath with Erin Adams glass mosaic rug

A swimming pool and pergola were added to the backyard

This is an extensive renovation of a large Colonial Revival house built in 1895. The house retains it's original eclectic mix of delicate Adams-inspired Georgian mouldings at the First Floor as well as a beautful Victorian turned stair rail and leaded glass windows. These original details and the exterior facade have been restored. A new Kitchen and Family Room has been installed in the service wing and the Second Floor bathrooms are modernized in a manner sympathetic to the original details. Two of the original Bedrooms have been combined into a Master Suite. The Third Floor maid's rooms were removed in favor of a large open Playloft, a Writer's Studio, an Exercise Room and Spa Bath. A Swimming Pool and a variety of gardens have also been developed on the 2-1/2 acre lot.

Source : fswarchitects

Modern Minimalist Office Design Layout and Office Interior Design Ideas

Your small office design need the best layout to optimize the performance of employees. Minimalist space becomes a constraint in arranging the interior decoration and furniture in your office design. Based on it we will give you the best picture modern minimalist office layout and interior design ideas. These photos is latest design and best sample office design layout that combine luxury and modernity on minimalist space. The office layout using modern transperant wall divider in several side wall and using modern luxury office furniture design. I think this picture is cool corporate office layout ideas. The use of modern carpet with plain style in the office, will give the luxury impression in that room. Reflection of best office lighting design on the wall also plays an important role in the office interior decorating. So, this modern minimalist office layout and interior design ideas picture can be your guide in the office remodel.

Source : fopple

Beautiful Outside Fireplace Pictures for Decorative Home Ideas

For some families who have a house with land around the area, in the winter outdoor fireplace needed to enjoy the beauty of your garden landscape. Beautiful outside fireplace pictures we display on this post for Decorative Home Ideas. We give some concepts from the modern outdoor fireplace until contemporary outdoor fireplace . Match between the theme of your house with a fireplace you are certainly very important to be able to harmonize with the exterior design interior furniture such as outdoor fireplace.

Source : fopple

Stylish Elegant Outdoor Lighting by Jozeph Forakis

These picture is best design stylish elegant outdoor lighting by Jozeph Forakis for luxury home design ideas. Unique shapes lamp design ideas that applied in your garden make this house beautiful looks. White outdoor lighting make an elegant impression for the minimalist urban house decorating ideas. You can see the great design stylish elegant outdoor lighting by Jozeph Forakis that can be your best sample in your luxurious garden lighting.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Contemporary House Designed by J.Mayer H in Germany

If you love contemporary architecture and mid-century modern furniture then the “Dupli Casa” stunning hillside home in Germany just outside Ludwigsburg may capture your heart and sense of style. The architect firm of J.Mayer H started a complete makeover in 2005 from what looked like a nice but rather mundane existing home, and transformed it into literally a work of modern architectural beauty.

One feature that makes this home so visually appealing is the combination of straight horizontal lines and smooth rounded curves that seem to wrap around the landscape. I am glad to see the mid-century modern furniture that was chosen to minimally furnish the expansive rooms, and how well it compliments the feel of the home.

Source : housedesignnews

Bunga Tembusu House Plan by K2LD Architects in Singapore

Bunga Temubusu is located within a tree conservation area. A strategic organization of the space within the house was carried out to ensure the best spatial flow. K2LD was succses to design the elegant home with aim to respect the natural terrain on which the house sits. the house only lightly touches the ground. This also allows the user an elevated view of the beautiful lush surrounding. to mirror the natural surrondings,the tree trunk was reused and recycled as part of the external cladding of the house.

the designing of this home also paid attention to the Singapore’s climate without forgoing the visual and phenomenal transparency of the house. The big glass windows,high ceilings and double volume spaces and openings at all sides encourage ventilation.

the transition from the interior to the exterior spaces is seamless & effortlessly graceful as instead of definitive boundary. the different spaces are hinted at through the subtle changes in floor materials. the connection between each rooms was connected by large glass windows and doors on the ground level. it allows the functional spaces to merge with the natural surroundings which makes visual delight. material choosen are engaging the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi” with rough cut stone, Corten-Steel and re-conditioned old teak.

Source : housedesignnews

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bundeena Housing, the natural bushland by Tony Owen NDM Architects

The project is for 15 houses set in natural bushland at Bundeena in the Royal National Park south of Sydney, Australia. The houses are on a sloping bushland site and all have great beach views.

The houses are light construction and are a cross form with an east-west timber clad cantilevered living element above for sun and a north south solid bedroom level below for views. This cross shade creates a large north facing terrace and cantilevered pool for each beach house.

Source : e-architect

Shower Design : Egg Shower by Arina Komarova

The egg-shaped shaped Cocoon Shower Stall that literally cocoons you once you shut all the glass slides. The usual spa features seen in such kinda stalls are included, but to spell them out: shower, bathtub, hydro massage (Jacuzzi) & mood lighting are there. The rain-showerhead is plum in the center of the ceiling, but I’d much rather use this for the hydra therapies!

Source : yankodesign

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Torres House designed by GLR Architecs, Mexico

Set high in the Sierra Madre mountain range, the Torres House seeks to establish an intimate contact with the natural environment in which it is located. Discreetly open towards the street, the house is accessed by crossing over a fountain from which a huge oak free emerges, impressive both for its size and its beauty.
Once on the porch, a grand mural like door constructed of marble, wood and steel welcomes the visitor.
Inside, the entry hall merges into an area of contrasting materials consisting of Santo Tomas marble and volcanic stone walls. From this area there is a visual continuity with the rest of the house and with the garden that was left in its natural state as a small oak forest.
In the living room, conceived almost as a glass box, one can experience the view to the Sierra Madre peaks in the distance and the garden near by. Owing to its location within the mountain, where winters can get really cold, there is a fireplace for the family to gather around in the evenings.
From the dining room and the media room, one can access the roof terrace and enjoy the splendid views of the Sierra Madre as well as of the city of Monterrey. Here is the musical background of the sounds of nature is in sharp contrast to the roar of the city below.

Source : glrarquitectos

Eucaliptos House designed by GLR architecs, Mexico

The projects starts from a series of physical conditions that make of the site a place of great aesthetic potential due to the huge trees and the little creek that can be found in the back of it.
On the other hand, the future expansion of the street which it is located demanded a considerable setback, which forced the scheme to be a compact one, so that we could keep some useful area for a garden near the living room.
Looking for some design principle that could be carried out troughout the project, we decided to emulate the basic geometry of the site, which suggested us to propose three walls of large dimensions. Through the subtle rotation of one such walls, we found the opportunity to create an irregular, double height space, which begins as a porch on it’s widest end, to then become a hall and gradually narrow until becoming a simple circulation zone.
The different finishes given to the surfaces, searches for a subtle contrast between the plain white stucco of the volumes and prefabricated panels made of travertine marble covering the large walls that articulate the whole project. This was done with the purpose of reinforcing the architectural expression of such walls, with a touch of color from natural materials that will not put the performance of the project at risk for the years to come.

Source : glrarquitectos

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