Monday, October 24, 2011

Tiny house, His guest rooms Comfortable Stay

Want to stay comfortably in your small home? Let's set this up from the living room, where you receive guests or immediate family.

Fill with simple furniture
Models of furniture determines the overall impression of the space to be created. Simple-shaped furniture will make the room seem more spacious.

Choose the model that makes the slender-legged chairs furniture impressive light. For convenience, the sofa may be added, but choose not too fat and have legs so it does not look heavy.

Multifunctional Furniture
By putting a furniture with many functions, you no longer need lots of room complete with furniture. For example, a box-shaped ottoman can be used as a small table, or coffee table can function as a storage by adding drawers in it.

Combine some of the furniture
Putting a set of furniture one model does make the room look harmonious. However, it could be, it was a waste of space. For example, a set of sofa consists of two-seat sofa, replace with a single sofa seat with another seat model is more efficient place, like a poof or slender-legged chairs.

Choose light colors
This trick has always managed to make the room look more spacious. You can sweep the living room wall with brightly colored paint, like white or beige. Room appear lighter and relieved. In addition, light-colored walls make the color of other furniture in the living room can be more diverse.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Setting Narrow Room with "Bunk Bed"

Two children had bought the bed you ask yourself, they do not want in one big bed. Meanwhile, the rooms in your house if not enough room to add one more child.

No need to worry too much, you can still meet demand at a time baby do not add space for a child's room. The solution, by using bunk beds or familiarly called Bunk beds. Bunk bed or beds arranged vertically to make the remaining space in the child's room can be used for the placement of other fields, such as study table, wardrobe, and accessories or other furniture.

A wide selection of Bunk beds themselves diverse, there are designs that contains a variety of facilities, such as storage racks or even a closet. For example, look at the picture, in which the storage shelves in addition to the body of Bunk beds can also be found in the area of ​​the stairs to the bed above. Take advantage of the facilities on Bunk beds like these to store items of children, as a place of books, toys, even clothing.

In choosing Bunk bed, consider choosing colors, strengths, and materials of manufacture are safe for health. Considerable design problem that is not stale or "too child" because the children were growing rapidly towards teens. We recommend that you involve your children in choosing Bunk beds because they who will be occupying. Give understanding to share the space between the eldest and youngest. Even in a room with a restricted area, comfort can still be enjoyed.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Minibar in the Pantry, Cooking Can Also Chat

Modern lifestyle that is increasingly widely applied to the interior of the house, one kitchen. Clean kitchen pantry or called, presents a new touch in it where the activity does not merely cook, too busy chatting is done here.

Pantry usually does not accommodate the complex activities such as cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes, in a single house has two kitchens. One for the cooking style kitchen, and one pantry. Spend time chatting or relax in the pantry is quite comfortable. Prepare only the interior that support this mission.

The interior is supporting one of them is a minibar. Minibar desk there are various kinds depending on the desires of the home. Minibar generally has a 2-4 seat height of 110-115 centimeters, an ideal size for Asians, while the extent of approximately 30-50 centimeters. Activity above the minibar quite mild, such as eating snacks or just a drink.

A modern stove equipped minibar. Activity kitchen to the stove is quite a light-light, like water boiling or making pancakes. For the material, made ​​from black marble minibars combined with ground brown wooden walls add warmth to chat in the pantry.

Pantry will be more comfortable, when you add air duct system and adequate lighting in this space.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Exhibition Room in the House

Love your work beautifully displayed in the house? Try to make the showroom, which likens the private museum created in one corner of the house.

Otherwise than as a showroom, with a house blend work showroom, could be one solution to accommodate the needs of work in the house. In fact, the owner of the home can receive a client or customer of his work in the house.

If you are interested in designing this space, began to select a proper room in the house to be built showroom. Pay attention to the allotment of space in the house, for example by designing the ground floor as public areas and businesses, while the upper floor for private rooms homeowners. However, if just displaying the draft without a business process, you can choose a room in the main hall or corridor.

As a shop window display, designer dresses neatly mounted on a mannequin doll, complete with accessories like necklaces and handbags. Placement in the mirror suggests extensive showrooms because actually hit land area is limited.

To look elegant, this showroom is equipped with sufficient lighting. In the broad layers of the showroom is equipped with transparent glass, which is intended to protect the cleanliness of the design.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural Bathroom decorated with Artwork and Plants

The bathroom is so one of the evidence, that the bathroom was exciting to dressed. For those who are interested, let's here, we shared an example of inspiration this time.

No need to talk style, like a modern, tropical, ethnic, or other styles, which adorned the bathroom would look more beautiful. If it's beautiful, definitely make the activities in it even more convenient. That is why, the bathroom in this picture may be one of inspiration. There's artwork, plants, and several other natural elements. Enviable business to make a bathroom so it is not only beautiful but also healthy.

We start from the floor, yes. Between the showers and toilet areas there are differences of materials used for flooring. Shower area, anyway, as usual, using the ceramic. For the toilet area, instead of using ceramic, stone fragments owners prefer. Certainly not smooth rough texture on foot, in addition to natural stone flooring gives a strong impression.

Still in order to strengthen the impression of nature, put some plants there. One is that we are familiar with Sansiviera. Plant this one in addition to pretty, popular as well as one of the vacuum plant pollutants. Those who would like to smoke in the bathroom, this plant must exist. To reduce the adverse effects of cigarette smoke that circulated freely in the air. But still, the best step to maintain healthy home is no smoking in the bathroom, or anywhere.

Impression, really, very lame, yes, natural look in the toilet area with a modern look in the shower area? That's why need to be bridged. One way to put a modern-style artwork on the walls. The orange color was chosen to refresh the atmosphere. Actually, for a more unified look with blue tiled shower area, more fitting if you put a blue-dominated artwork as well.

One more interesting, the walls. Overall, this bathroom had three different types of walls. First, the wall tiles in shower area. Then, the cement wall in the toilet area, which borders the other wall, the wall kamprot in the mini park. Cement walls and kamprot, can be impressive modern and rigid, but it turns out in this bathroom can also give the impression of natural. Interesting, right?

No one was when we tried to imitate the inspiration this time. If any of you who are planning to renovate the bathroom. Do not hesitate anymore, this one bathroom could be a fine idea!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maximum Nice Home with Natural Stone

Natural stone as one of the park is a complementary element to add aesthetic value. Not only the park, inside any building you can apply pretty natural stone structure.

Natural stone is one element that can make your home look more natural. Choice of form and pattern vary, depending what impression you want to highlight. The choice of natural stones that include marble, granite, stone temples, limestone, and andesite stone.

Although some people consider natural stone only as a supplement, but who would have thought natural stone when applied to the dwelling, not only gained an impression of nature. Moreover, the composition of natural stone, arranged in such a way could be one of the media that serves as a FocalPoint in the house.

According to architect Briyan Talaosa, the impression that arise when applied to natural stone dwelling or building is homey and comfortable. Therefore, the characters tend to be strong natural stone and rough. Natural stone can be used as a medium to make a particular spot as the focal point.

Nevertheless, not necessarily when applying it to the shelter, that impression can be directly obtained. All depends on how you apply them.
In principle, Briyan mentioned, the preparation and use of natural stone in buildings other than as an accent in nature beautify, as well as alternative reinforcing the character of the building. To that end, the basic principles which normally must be considered in applying the natural stone is the pattern formulation.

There are two ways of developing documents. Having determined the field to be "patched" natural stone and determine the arrangement, you still have to consider how to put natural stone, both for wall and floor. "If you choose a particular stone, there is a way of assembly is prepared as set masonry commonly known as bundles of betel leaves, some are affixed such as installing ceramic wall," said Briyan.

Regarding the pattern of assembly, continued Briyan, can vary considerably, depending on the shape or size of natural stone itself. If a rectangular shape, it will vary with the cube-shaped pattern. Moreover, irregular shape, such as on flat limestone, but tend to be wide.

For indoor or outdoor applications, natural stone is not too specific distinction. What is clear, Briyan say, all natural stone can be used for indoor or outdoor. Only, that differentiate, if applied outside of natural stone, there is usually a special treatment on the coating's. In a sense, for finishing selected in nature than can withstand the inhospitable weather conditions, also is an antifungal coating (for a particular type).

Moreover, every thing in direct contact with nature if not anxious to arise unwanted effects, special treatment should be performed in order to extend the life of the material itself.

"In the natural stone we used to do coating or plating with a kind of liquid paint. There are shiny or glossy effect, there is a natural effect as it is, and in particular rock type is that given a black or dark-colored coating. All depends on the composition we want to create, "said Briyan.

While natural stone is in the house usually associated with the design theme. "So, composition and color of stone that we choose to apply on or residential design should go on being a harmonious and beautiful composition," he said.

For example, call Briyan, the minimalist theme using natural stones that tend to pattern size is not in the form of neat or disheveled, such as limestone. Can also use andesite stone in a minimalist theme with a method prepared betel or stones that tend palimanan we know as the ornament on the theme of Mediterranean occupancy.

Actually the use of natural stone material can we make our point and as an application on a specific design theme. Then, the surface of how good stone for exposed?

Briyan said, all the natural stones of various colors and characters materials, from the most refined to the rough surface, all worthy displayed or exposed.

"What is clear, in my opinion, if we are choosing natural stone as a medium of expression on occupancy, we should still appreciate it as a natural stone 'honest' without having to be painted with other colors," he said.

Take the example of marble or granite, limestone or stone temples or many other rocks that are common, you should let the character of the stone that becomes the color or texture on the walls of the rock fill or even a wall of building facades in the room.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beautiful home in San Pedro De Alcantara, Spain

This beautiful villa is located in the prestigious urbanization located on the west side of San Pedro de Alcantara is only walking distance from the nearest beach or golf course.

The villa is accessed through a courtyard that leads to the garage 3 cars and carport or 4 car park overlooking the east side of the fountain with a pool model.

This is an elegant house built in 1998 on two levels and offers a great room with dining area, terrace, kitchen with dining room, pantry and laundry room, guest locker room and various storage rooms.

Furthermore this property is equipped with 6 bedrooms with 6 bathrooms and living room or chamber maid consisting of 1 bedroom with bathroom and kitchen. The main living space has access to a terrace.

Property South Africa including the beautiful pergola with barbecue and dining area beside the swimming pool shaped like a large lake with a waterfall cascade and jacuzzi area. This villa faces west and can enjoy views of the park's own. Use marble tiles throughout the property which is equipped with hot & cold air conditioning. Floor heating is a central system in the living room and on the terrace, there is also an automatic curtain, an interior alarm system, water tanks, satellite television and telephone.

A fantastic family house, maintained in perfect condition and is located in a quiet residential area just a short trip from Puerto Ban.

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