Friday, June 4, 2010

Ludwig Penthouse San Francisco, California designed by Craig Steely Architecture

Located in the penthouse of a concrete high-rise on Aquatic Park. The original 4-bedroom/4-bath penthouse was a rabbit's warren of confusing rooms. In our re-design, rooms were combined and uses were re-assigned to allow the occupants to take advantage of the views looking north and south and the movement of the sun through out the day.

Materials used are clear and etched 1/2" glass, slabs of Black walnut, hand made mosaic tile walls, and gun blued steel.

Source : Craig Steely Architecture

Napa River House Napa, California designed by Craig Steely Architecture

The Napa River House is located on a site with mature oak trees and stone pathways winding down a gently sloping hill. To avoid disturbing the paths and root structure of the trees, a single footing and tube frame (inspired by a chairlift tower) will float the main living area in the oak canopy.

Source : Craig Steely Architecture

A unique modern design concept-The Auto Residence

The unique Auto Residence was built on the border of a nature preserve in Gnigl near Salzburg, Austria. The owners originally purchased a corner lot with a typical 70’s style suburban home on it, and wanted to renovate and update the house and structure. This presented many opportunities, as well as challenges, including:
  • Transforming a 70’s style house structure and design into that of a car.
  • Creating two separate dwelling areas for parents and children by closing off former openings and thereby allowing future generations to live under one roof.
  • Instituting a “3 liter” energy efficient heating and insulation technique that optimizes all current building technologies, drastically reducing energy consumption.
  • Adherence to all the strict, legal building and design codes which regulate the compliance for projects in this prime location in historic Salzburg, Austria.
  • Applying practical architectural engineering to a unique design concept.

Source : stadtbaumeister

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Villa San Valentino in Merano-Alto Adige, Italy designed by Stephan Unger

Task: Planning of a bi-familiar house on high architectonic level for the cohabitation of 3 generations with common spaces.

Idea: To create a monolithic house with common spaces, under whose roof two independent habitation units are unified.

Orientation: Considering the orientation of the views. The east-wing is looking towards Valle d’adige and the west-wing Val Venosta.

Design: The form answers to the characteristics of local mountains and its three-dimensional facade to the path oft he sun. The windows and the shadings are positioned such way, that the energy balance is optimized and the panorama is introduced in picture frames.

Appearance: A modern house with a traditional dressing : The larch-wood shingle fa├žade is representing the traditional craft of the Alps-region Upper Adige.

Interior: The chosen materials are typical for the place: marble of Lasa, porphyr, granite, wood of the larch and the oak.

Contemporary Swiss Architecture in Timber

Swiss architecture firm Nimmrichter CDA Architects are the creators of this atypical Switzerland timber home design on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland. And while this wood house may use traditional materials, its architecture is contemporary cool. A strong horizontal presence is anchored by the roofline and the pattern of the timber panels finishing the facade. The minimalist shape of the structure is adorned by nothing but clean-lined windows and doors. Interiors are too timber-clad, only with a sophisticated refined edge. Wood is used as the main element to finish floors, walls and the main staircase that leads up to the private upper level. Expansive balconies with sliding glass walls open to the outdoors. Nimmrichter CDA Architects
via Contemporist

Source : trendir

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