Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural Bathroom decorated with Artwork and Plants

The bathroom is so one of the evidence, that the bathroom was exciting to dressed. For those who are interested, let's here, we shared an example of inspiration this time.

No need to talk style, like a modern, tropical, ethnic, or other styles, which adorned the bathroom would look more beautiful. If it's beautiful, definitely make the activities in it even more convenient. That is why, the bathroom in this picture may be one of inspiration. There's artwork, plants, and several other natural elements. Enviable business to make a bathroom so it is not only beautiful but also healthy.

We start from the floor, yes. Between the showers and toilet areas there are differences of materials used for flooring. Shower area, anyway, as usual, using the ceramic. For the toilet area, instead of using ceramic, stone fragments owners prefer. Certainly not smooth rough texture on foot, in addition to natural stone flooring gives a strong impression.

Still in order to strengthen the impression of nature, put some plants there. One is that we are familiar with Sansiviera. Plant this one in addition to pretty, popular as well as one of the vacuum plant pollutants. Those who would like to smoke in the bathroom, this plant must exist. To reduce the adverse effects of cigarette smoke that circulated freely in the air. But still, the best step to maintain healthy home is no smoking in the bathroom, or anywhere.

Impression, really, very lame, yes, natural look in the toilet area with a modern look in the shower area? That's why need to be bridged. One way to put a modern-style artwork on the walls. The orange color was chosen to refresh the atmosphere. Actually, for a more unified look with blue tiled shower area, more fitting if you put a blue-dominated artwork as well.

One more interesting, the walls. Overall, this bathroom had three different types of walls. First, the wall tiles in shower area. Then, the cement wall in the toilet area, which borders the other wall, the wall kamprot in the mini park. Cement walls and kamprot, can be impressive modern and rigid, but it turns out in this bathroom can also give the impression of natural. Interesting, right?

No one was when we tried to imitate the inspiration this time. If any of you who are planning to renovate the bathroom. Do not hesitate anymore, this one bathroom could be a fine idea!

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