Monday, August 16, 2010

Multifunctional center House by Cita Dutch Architect

This center houses five organizations, each wanted to retain something of their individuality. The building brings the uniqueness of the five organizations expressed: Four individually identifiable pavilions, each in their own color and material, are held together by a large binding roof, that sometimes canopy, sometimes porch, sometimes lean, sometimes just pergola is. The four pavilions focus all their own outdoor and sunny side: The kindergartens, mostly in the morning open, lying on the east side. The nursery, which is present all day, located on the south side to an intimate playground and outside school hours that pass in the afternoon, we in the west, aimed at the sun. Finally the creative center, located on the north side, the Northern Lights required for present workshops here.

The location in the park was a source of inspiration for the design and ambience of the building. For instance, the paths, who formerly ran, now through the building along the various pavilions, to then continue their way into the park.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House in the open land with the glass wall by DWYERDESIGN

This 2,500 sq ft retreat located just south of Carmel in a canyon off route 1 required many consultants to get planning approval. The land had no services so a well, septic system and electricity had to be provided to the site. The client requested that the structure be exposed and expressed in the architecture. We created an open plan with glass walls dividing the spaces on the upper floor. This allows the roof to be seen continuously from both the interior and the exterior. The floor plan was created with a double height central living space flanked by a bedroom on either side and a utility bar containing the kitchen , two bathrooms and storage. The roof of the utility bar is a deck that faces into 200 redwoods, also known as "the cathedral". The open living space has a large glass box that opens to a deck, the canyon creek., and a warm fire nook. The solid volume of the stair is the interior wall to the living space and the wall to the exterior deck. this emphasizes the indoor outdoor connection. Upstairs is another bedroom and a bridge that connects to a library with the bookcases acting as the guardrails. The exterior

materials need no maintenance. The copper standing seem siding, glass, steel and plaster are non flammable materials. The 15' high fence at the front of the house acts as a facade skin, guard rail, and screen to the master bedroom suite outdoor space. The simple plan and use of materials create spaces that come alive and transform in response to the changing exterior light.

Source : dwyer-design

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