Friday, June 3, 2011

Setting Narrow Room with "Bunk Bed"

Two children had bought the bed you ask yourself, they do not want in one big bed. Meanwhile, the rooms in your house if not enough room to add one more child.

No need to worry too much, you can still meet demand at a time baby do not add space for a child's room. The solution, by using bunk beds or familiarly called Bunk beds. Bunk bed or beds arranged vertically to make the remaining space in the child's room can be used for the placement of other fields, such as study table, wardrobe, and accessories or other furniture.

A wide selection of Bunk beds themselves diverse, there are designs that contains a variety of facilities, such as storage racks or even a closet. For example, look at the picture, in which the storage shelves in addition to the body of Bunk beds can also be found in the area of ​​the stairs to the bed above. Take advantage of the facilities on Bunk beds like these to store items of children, as a place of books, toys, even clothing.

In choosing Bunk bed, consider choosing colors, strengths, and materials of manufacture are safe for health. Considerable design problem that is not stale or "too child" because the children were growing rapidly towards teens. We recommend that you involve your children in choosing Bunk beds because they who will be occupying. Give understanding to share the space between the eldest and youngest. Even in a room with a restricted area, comfort can still be enjoyed.

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