Monday, December 28, 2009

Silo House in Utah - grain silos rock

What a bachelor pad! This awesome 1,800-sq.-ft. Monte-Silo House was designed by Gigaplex Architects for a single man and his weekend visitors to Woodland, Utah. Nestled comfortably among nature and on the Provo River, this modern silo house was constructed of two linked corrugated-metal grain silos, giving the home its unique look and wonderful circular rooms inside. But apart from aesthetics, this house boasts some other cool features – namely, its eco-friendly features. The home’s southern exposure maximizes natural daylight and solar heat gain during the cold winter months. Adding to the cozy warmth, an electric mesh is installed into the lower floor to heat the house, along with a propane-burning stove for backup. Warm in winter and cool in summer, the metal grating and the second-storey deck provide shade, and sweet relief from the hot summer sun. Last but not least, the bedrooms – made especially for the homeowner’s two grandchildren – are a “bed in a box” concept, each equipped with stereo sound and a flat-screen television. Gigaplex Architects.

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Solar Powered House Design

This solar powered house isn’t your typical German House design. Created by students of the Technische Universitat Darmstadt in Germany, this striking solar house has garnered them top prize in the Solar Decathlon competition. With a goal of designing an energy-efficient home plan, the team took to the drawing board and came up with this sustainable architecture project: two-storey, cube-shaped house, with a facade and roof clad in solar cells which will produce 200 per cent of the home’s energy. This eco house design is also highly insulated and equipped with automated-lourve window shades to reduce unwanted heat-gain. Furthermore, this sun powered home incorporates smart features such as hide-away furniture and appliances, or those with multiple uses to make the most of every resource available. Technische Universitat Darmstadt.

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Ranch Style Cabin with an Oceanfront View

Stockholm-based architecture firm WRB designed this cool ranch style cabin of timber, glass and steel. Located in Trosa, one of Sweden’s coveted upper-crust residential neighborhoods, this private villa features a contemporary H-shaped structure built surrounding an interior courtyard, which is accessible from every room via expansive sliding glass walls. The sheltered courtyard – which constitutes 1/3 of the home’s total living area – makes a great spot to kick back and take in the view of the ocean, which grounds the home and connects its residents to the outdoors. This farmhouse-style structure is constructed using concrete, rusted steel, untreated pine wood, oiled wenge and water, adding to the rustic ambience. An open fireplace creates a cozy living space where comfort is king! The casual interiors are made for relaxation and easy coastal living. WRB.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Taliesin Mod.Fab The Desert Home Taliesin West

The Taliesin Mod.FabTM is an example of simple, elegant, and sustainable living in the desert. The one-bedroom, 600-square-foot prototype residence relies on panelized construction to allow for speed and economy on site or in a factory. It can be connected to utilities or be "unplugged," relying on low-consumption fixtures, rainwater harvesting, greywater re-use, natural ventilation, solar orientation, and photovoltaics to reduce energy and water use. The structure is dimensioned and engineered to be transportable via roadway.

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Street of Dreams Mediterranean House Plans designed by Architectural Designs


Living Room

Dining Room


Kitchen Vw2

Family Room


Master Bath


Game Room

Rear View



* This luxury home plan was originally designed for the Street of Dreams and was the first to sell and a huge hit amongst the visitors. The goal of the design was to create a luxury home plan with an intimate feel. With that in mind, each room was given a special feature that produced a unique character for all spaces. For example, the master bath was designed with a "see through" shower placed behind the garden tub which lines up a perfect view from the arched opening over the tub through to an outside garden wall fountain.
* The intimate library showcases wood vaulted ceiling and the dining room highlights long spanning wood beams and opens into a large game room perfect for leisure entertaining.
* Each bedroom suite is appointed with it's own private bath. Upstairs has a loft area perfect for children's activites and a raised home theatre tucked away from the other rooms to avoid noise filtration.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ornamental LED Panels from Swarovski - Ornamentic LED Wall Crystal Panels

Ornamental and brilliant, Ornamentic LED Crystal Panels from Swarovski emit radiant light from within. Luxurious touches like these make a house a home, whilst showcasing your own exquisite personal taste. The ornamental LED panels are individually designed – thus the only limit to their application is your imagination. Consider which corner of your home would benefit from the glitter of Swarovski crystals in a practical LED lighting installation – a veritable work of art to light up and inspire. Incredible architectural elements, the Ornamentic LED Crystal Panel Wall Elements illuminate your room with unique effects due to the spectral colours which sparkle from deep within

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Architectural Woodwork by Taracea Custom - Old World style for high-end wood design

Elegant furnishings deserve the luxurious backdrop of fine woodwork, providing an environment that exudes handcrafted quality. Taracea Custom creates architectural woodwork that rivals the finest furniture. Luscious doors, detailed ceilings, luxurious cabinetry; Taracea can bring Old World character to your home. Custom architectural wood designs that include inlays, carving, and hand-finishing make each piece a work of art. Ceilings can feature wonderful texture and dramatic carvings, cabinet fronts can take historic window designs and create unique yet united kitchen designs, while finely detailed doors mix glass and wood for breathtaking entrance ways. Each piece of custom woodwork offers the reassurance of fine furnishings while bringing rich personality and charm. While they offer a selection of standard woods and designs, Taracea Custom specialises in creating custom solutions to suit your home and style.

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Star Murals from Rip Read, Startist - Starmurals

StarMurals Out There In Space ™

StarMurals Custom StarMural ™

Magical star murals that transport you to another world, the Starmurals by Rip Read create a glowing canvas of celestial beauty. Each of the star murals is a unique creation where each star is plotted by hand. Whether you desire a vision of far off galaxies or a view of your favourite night sky, the Starmurals create the heavens within your home. Invisible during the day, the artistic creations are revealed only with darkness. Each custom mural is hand painted and shimmers and shines like the night sky, from shooting stars to twinkling lights the Starmurals have a movement and motion. A stunning work of art that creates secret beauty hidden within plain sight, Rip Read's Starmurals bring an awe inspiring vision within your home.

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Copper Shingles from Zappone - the Long Life Copper

Copper's longevity is legendary. Almost all of the copper produced throughout time is still in use. In addition to being 100% recyclable, most architectural copper produced today has a recycled content of nearly 75%. Thus, not only is copper the best choice to protect a structure, it's also the best choice to protect the environment.

The Zappone Copper Shingle is available in 16 oz copper or "Tough 12" High Tensile strength copper-both gauges will protect and beautify structures for literally hundreds of years.

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