Monday, April 25, 2011

Exhibition Room in the House

Love your work beautifully displayed in the house? Try to make the showroom, which likens the private museum created in one corner of the house.

Otherwise than as a showroom, with a house blend work showroom, could be one solution to accommodate the needs of work in the house. In fact, the owner of the home can receive a client or customer of his work in the house.

If you are interested in designing this space, began to select a proper room in the house to be built showroom. Pay attention to the allotment of space in the house, for example by designing the ground floor as public areas and businesses, while the upper floor for private rooms homeowners. However, if just displaying the draft without a business process, you can choose a room in the main hall or corridor.

As a shop window display, designer dresses neatly mounted on a mannequin doll, complete with accessories like necklaces and handbags. Placement in the mirror suggests extensive showrooms because actually hit land area is limited.

To look elegant, this showroom is equipped with sufficient lighting. In the broad layers of the showroom is equipped with transparent glass, which is intended to protect the cleanliness of the design.

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