Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Minimalist Modern House Interior Design

After looking at various models of Modern Minimalist Home Design with Modern Design of a minimalist, you may ask. What about interior design and concept will be developed and built?, And various other questions.

This is the most common questions asked by people who rarely come into contact with the house Architectural Design Services. The target was initially just a minimalist, the expected course is to build appropriate housing and comfortable with a cost that is not burdensome.

So, the question to use Architectural Drawing Services when I want to make a minimalist home design certainly reasonable.

Previously, let us first distinguish between the design of the home construction and interior design. Design Construction is building design that looks outside while the interior design is the design in the building.

Home design using square footage. So usually the price of Architecture design is based on the percentage of the budget plan for the cost of building area (in m2).

Design minimalist house (or building in general) use the services of an architect can be categorized into the following categories:

Minimal: if you want to create the Architectural Drawing of floor plans, images appear and pieces and site observations / survey.

Medium: if you want to be made plus pictures bestek Architectural Drawing, aksonometri exterior (3D) in space and perspective (3D).

Full: if the picture above is equipped with a drawing of piping system, sanitary system, electrical installation, cost estimates, construction schedule and monitoring plan development (Building Construction).

Creating a minimalist home design (Architectural Design) aims to maximize all the functions on a minimalist home. Because it takes planning for what has been made not to be in vain, or make the house uncomfortable to be occupied. So when asked on an architect does not have to worry about the high cost because the cost of it is something that can be negotiated in the range of your budget.

The most important observed for the interior design is modern minimalist house Building Design lay-out for the interior space: whether it is appropriate to the climate of Indonesia or not. "Pretty-pretty facade of the house, if the layout does not match the needs, not be forced,"

The ideal Building Design House space-space should be functional, the relationship between well-coordinated space, air can flow smoothly into the Building Houses, as well as the morning sun. Thus, the existence of important openings and air vents in a minimalist home.

Minimalist house eliminates a lot of saturation on the use of decorative ornaments, knick-knacks accessories. Character and quality of spaces created is determined by the existence of space itself, not by the furniture and knick-knacks accessories in it. Space to be felt relieved as the primary needs of residents, to optimize the circulation of healthy fresh air and abundant sunshine lighting.

Typical homes have minimal natural lighting sources from windows, doors, transparent walls, shade trees, plants and pavement composition, the right will bring the shadow of the objects of sunlight reflected off the wall as a natural aesthetic separate element. While the game is very artistic lighting lamps, both spotlights, light plant, to the chandelier with geometric forms, will turn on the atmosphere of the evening in a minimalist home

Here are some samples We Model Home Interior Design Modern Minimalist Conception:

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